In 2023, we supported more cases than ever before. While I am encouraged by the bravery of the journalists we support, the threats they face are grave. We remain committed to defending them - meeting each new test to journalists’ resilience head on.

MarĂ­a Teresa Ronderos, Chair of the Board

Our work in 2023 spanned over 70 countries, reflecting the global scale of threats to free expression.

This annual report reflects on some of our and our partners' accomplishments, as well as the challenges we have faced, and the evolving threats to media freedom globally.

Carlos Gaio, CEO

2023 at a glance

In 2023, we took on more strategic cases, more emergency defence cases, offered more training and worked with more partners than ever before. We strive to do more so that we can continue to defend journalists who are being silenced around the world. We need their reporting more than ever - supporting and providing high-quality and affordable legal support is vital to protect them and prevent their important stories from being silenced. We continue to be the only organisation solely dedicated to providing legal support to independent media and journalists.

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